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River North Chicago

With over 100+ buildings and 13,000+ condo units in River North, finding the right property to purchase takes local expertise. We help you evaluate the many building options and give you insight into many items that are difficult to evaluate without local knowledge:

  • Location - River North offers many different pockets of housing to consider that impact lifestyle and value
  • Building health - with many buildings in River North now reaching 15-20 years in age it is important to understand capital needs a building may have
  • Rental restrictions - many buildings have implemented these in various forms over the last 5 to 10 years
  • Upcoming projects nearby that can impact views and value
  • Renovations and improvements that could add value

What Makes Working With An-An Different?

  • Access to off-market and unlisted properties
  • Great pulse on the local real estate market in River North
  • Highly communicative and tech savvy approach to buying
  • Proactively screen and filter properties to save you time
  • Expert level knowledge of the neighborhood and buildings
  • Ability to assist buyers with diverse budgets and preferences
  • Keen guidance to make your home buying process as smooth and effortless as possible