New construction condo boom underway in River North

The 61 West Erie condo building is now under construction.

More people are choosing to rent today, and if you travel through River North you’ll find plenty of new-construction apartment buildings rising in this neighborhood. But developers aren’t limiting themselves to apartments. Many are now building new condominium towers, too, in River North.

These new condo towers are a bit different, though, from what developers have brought to River North in the past. Today’s new condo buildings tend to be smaller, with anywhere from six to 75 units. New apartment rental towers in the neighborhood, on the other hand, tend to house hundreds of units.

And the new condos hitting River North tend to cater to the luxury buyer, with most units in them priced at $1 million or more.

Here’s a quick look at some of the new condo towers hitting River North. Continue reading “New construction condo boom underway in River North”