River North Gym Options & Boutique Fitness Studios

River North Gym

So, you just moved to River North in Chicago, and you’re loving it. Between the dining, nightlife, close proximity to the Loop, and the luxury amenities, it’s easy to feel right at home. Though, despite all these positive elements, you might find that your building’s gym or fitness center is less than adequate.  There are definitely more than a few condo buildings in River North that could use an upgrade to their fitness facilities.  The most common problems we see are small fitness centers with not enough equipment or sometimes those that are tucked away in a dark basement somewhere.

If your condo building in River North doesn’t offer a great gym, don’t sweat it—you’ll still get that “sweat” on, elsewhere.Lucky for you, there’s ample opportunity to try new classes, perhaps via Class Pass, or join a gym. Not only will you stay in shape, but you’ll likely make new friends in your area and be part of a larger community. Here are 6 fitness studios in River North that offer a killer workout if you are looking for some alternatives to the typical condo building fitness center.

ENRGi Fitness Chicago

If you like a diverse exercise routine, with a flexible membership package, ENRGi in River North is for you. There’s plenty to choose from: high-intensity work, strength training classes, yoga, dance, kickboxing, and even classes where you’ll defy gravity, by way of suspension exercises. ENRGi uses a formula that promotes full-body work, targeting HIIT, strength and conditioning workouts, along with active and passive recovery.

They offer a special 2-week unlimited package for newcomers and have flexible package rates and time lengths. Classes range from 30-60 minutes, to suit any schedule. Plus, if you feel the urge to take an additional class than what’s offered in your package, you can sign up for only ten dollars a drop-in, which is way below the average price per class at most studios.

KICK@555 Fitness

There’s no denying it—these classes will kick your @55, for sure. Through a variety of high-intensity, plyometric moves, you’ll burn between 500-700 calories per class. That makes your late-night ice cream habit a bit better, right? Not only is the workout at Kick@555 Chicago awesome, but the staff also welcoming and helpful. Right when you walk in, you feel an instant boost in positivity.

The same class is offered at different times in the day, but the workout rotates each week, so you’ll never get bored. You can also target specific areas: for instance, Friday’s will hit your bottom half hard through an obstacle course, and Thursday’s will concentrate on that upper body burn. They also offer special promotions for first-timers.

East Bank Club

If you’re searching for literally anything you might need in gym, East Bank Club is the way to go. Multiple classes are offered hourly, so you can pick and choose based on your mood. If you’re feeling energetic, try a hip hop, body combat, or an interval training class; if you’re looking to unwind, opt for hot yoga, pilates, or barre. You can even take a class dedicated to stretching with a foam roller.

Beyond the class repertoire, there’s a huge open cardio and weights space, as well as four pools, a driving range, indoor tennis, and basketball courts. Here, you’ll really get a sense of community, as there are many tournaments, sports leagues, and mixers to join. Once you’ve finished a workout, there’s no rush—head to the grill for a bite to eat or take some time in the spa or sauna to ease those sore muscles.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Touted as one of the best workouts you can buy, Barry’s Bootcamp has finally arrived in Chicago, right in the heart of River North. If you’re ready for beast mode, here’s where you’ll find it. Whether you want to target lower or upper body, or sign up for a full-body workout, you can tailor your workout.

Friday-Sunday offers full-body training, and the rest of the week is divvied up into chest, back & arms, abs, and lower body & butt. For those who want a steady routine, and might be interested in going a few days a week to work all body parts equally, this could be an excellent option. Once you’ve finished your sweat session, head to the Fuel Bar for a refresher.

Studio Three

If spinning is your jam, you’ll love the Peloton bikes at Studio Three in River North Chicago. Not only are the instructors both hard and enthusiastic, but also the overall experience, between the lights and music selection, will transport you during that 45-minute ride.

If you’re not a spinner, you can also choose a high-intensity class, where you’ll use rowers, treadmills, and explosive power moves to get in a tough workout. You can also restore and strengthen muscles through yoga, which is great for the mind and body. Downstairs, you’ll find a cute, casual café and juice bar, so you can easily do some work and re-hydrate when you’re done.

River North CrossFit

The idea that crossfit is for only for hardcore body builders is outdated—instead, crossfit welcomes all experience levels. Combining gymnastics, lifting, and metabolic conditioning exercises, you’ll work on enhancing endurance, agility, strength, and technique. Here’s what sets this River North CrossFit studio apart: they offer “Olympic Weightlifting,” aimed to bring out the inner Olympian in you, taking you from introductory to more advanced training methods. Plus, you can purchase nutritional counseling. It’s a one-stop-shop.

A few other notable studios include CorePower Yoga, Yoga Loft Chicago, Pure Barre, and The Barre Code, for a more relaxed, moderate intensity level. See, River North really does have it all.

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